Dudes who actually react when you giving him the suck up.

Bless y’all. I love guy-moans. I love when he start cussin under his breath and shit. He start looking for shit to hold onto, grabbing my hair, can’t figure out how his life got to this point and shit.

That kind of dude is fun to suck and fuck.


I love video games. I love video games a lot.

I am terrible at video games.

I spent the afternoon taking photos and typing up threads to sell one of my dolls and his clothes.

Husband asked me to sleep on it before I submit the threads. I agreed to it because I need a mod to answer a question before I post the doll thread.

Planning on taking photos of the smaller doll stuff Thursday and posting them, too.

I’m not really torn about this. Yes, it will be sad to see them go. But I haven’t touched them in at least two years. I haven’t played dress up or taken photos or even wrote about their characters. I’m not in the hobby. I don’t think I ever really was, I just wanted to be.

I don’t think I’m creative enough. And I certainly can’t afford it. It’ll be nice to have some money if they sell. I’ll be able to get my cats some flea medication. Or maybe some new clothes for myself. Or just save it.

It’s not a sudden decision and I don’t think I’m going to regret it. I love my husband so much though, and really appreciate him trying to look out for future!Squid.

Which is less annoying to deal with?

Needy cats walking in front of the computer monitor and laying on top of the keyboard while I try to do quests?

Or trying to deal with my laptop’s ever weakening grip on the wifi signal while I try to do quests?

My laptop and my router haven’t been on good speaking terms for like a week and I’m so fucking angry because it’s so fucking annoying trying to do ANYTHING


avocado? more like avocadon’t


pros of owning a cat:

  • petting soft fur
  • watching them get their claws stuck in things
  • friend, sometimes

cons of owning a cat:

  • fur on clothes
  • fur on furniture
  • fur in mouth

Vomit sometimes on your bed
Poop smells






Baby bat gets the hiccups

i giggled like a schoolgirl

"I hope the ASPCA isn’t watching."

"I really did not mean to do that."


me: feels lonely
me: isolates self


i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards


my partner tried to call me a sweetheart the other day but he misspelled it and I read it as “sweetbeard” and then I decided that this is what dwarf couples call each other

so, naturally, here are two dwarves on a date